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Our Services

We provide autonomous drones and a software platform for the inspection of power lines. The autonomous drones gather
data and the software platform provides Predictive Analytics for faults and breakdowns so as to prevent power cuts.

  Safe inspections                                     Power cuts                                 Accuracy                                         cost efficient

  Safe inspections

 Autonomous drone systems for safe inspections of power lines. Automating the human based inspection techniques

            Preventing power cuts

Software platform with predictive analytics to find faults and breakdowns in power lines

Data Accuracy

Frequent inspections using drones installed with high resolution thermal imaging, corona discharge and multi-spectral imaging cameras


Cost-effective drone-based service for inspection instead of helicopter services so as to save millions of dollars every year for utilities

Our Products

We provide inspections using our drone fleet and Software Analytics Platform operations.

About Us

Our autonomous drones and software platform provide accurate data to power utilities.
Our vision is to provide safe working environments for workers doing inspections and also provide frequent inspections
to prevent power cuts.

Software Analytics Platform

Our software platform uses computer vision and deep learning techniques to find faults and breakdowns in power lines and insulators. The platform provides predictive analytics with data gathered from the drones. This allows to find out hot spots for timely maintenance on the power lines. The software platform raises alerts (as shown in the picture) whenever it detects hot spots that require attention or maintenance.

Data Collection using autonomous drones

Our autonomous drone systems gather data on the power lines using thermal imaging, corona discharge imaging and multi-spectral imaging camera sensors. This data is then stored in the cloud based storage for the software platform to process it. The thermal imaging can find out overheating in the power lines and transmission poles, corona discharge is used to predict the breakdown of insulators and multi-spectral imaging is used for predicting vegetation growth around the power lines and breakdown in equipment along the lines.

Why Choose Us

Utilities spend millions of dollars every year on power line inspections by employing helicopter services. Even linemen are used to traverse across the lines to inspect them. Using our drone based systems and automated software techniques, we save 75% of cost for utilities as well as provide safe solutions. Moreover, with frequent inspections using cheap drone technologies and our Predictive Analytics platform, power cuts would be prevented.


Percent cost savings in inspections


Billion dollar revenue for drone inspections


Utilities interested in pilot programs


Lives saved each year

Meet the Team

Our team comprises of people from interdisciplinary backgrounds that bring expertise in their areas of work.


Vik Chaudhry


Machine learning and Drone systems expert
MS Stanford University


Kaitlyn Albertoli


Serial Entrepreneur
BS Stanford University

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