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Robust software platform, REST APIs, analytics and work prioritization to help you efficiently and accurately inspect energy infrastructure with powerful AI capabilities.

Optimize Your Inspection with the Highest Accuracy. PowerAI makes inspections safer, more cost and time efficient, and more collaborative than ever before.

The AI Power You Need
To Safeguard Your Infrastructure

Outsmart More Anomalies

Embrace the future with AI-based visual data processing and keep your people, assets, and community safe. 
Our AI-based anomaly detection redefines accuracy and consistency in power infrastructure inspections with the most accurate visual data processing in the industry. This precision leads to 50-70% cost savings on data processing and visual anomaly detections as well as 50-60% time savings.
We offer industry-leading accuracy for detections of 27 different assets and asset anomalies. Our technology, driven by Human-in-the-Loop machine learning, redefines accuracy and consistency in power infrastructure inspections. With Buzz Solutions, your pursuit of precision knows no bounds.


Manage your inspection data
and collaborate your inspection project with PowerAI software platform
Analyze inspection data
with Machine Vision AI for asset anomaly detection
Map structures and assets
with GIS mapping and visualisations
and Active Supervised
Learning of AI
Asset Fault Detection APIs
for your systems and existing
Prioritise workflows
and get to maintenance faster using our integrations with asset management

Eliminate Uncertainty

Fixing problems after they occur puts pressure on teams, increases the risk of disastrous events, and costs you time and money.
Enable more efficient, reliable operations with predictive analytics. Our revolutionary digital and AI solutions allow utilities to mitigate issues more quickly, saving time and money while preventing power outages and wildfires. With insights into asset degradation, line health, vegetation encroachment, and future hotspot areas you can get ahead of anomalies before they become problems.



Scalable and Secure Data Management


Analytics, Actionable Insights, Visualization and Reporting


Asset Predictive Insight/Analytics Engine APIs


Asset and Line health monitoring


GIS and Asset Mapping

Work Order Prioritization

Adaptability Is
The Cornerstone
Of Innovation

And we ensure that our solutions fit seamlessly into your ecosystem. With easy and secure integration into existing infrastructure, Buzz Solutions helps you wherever you need us.
PowerAI integrates efficiently with your systems, offering AI plugins, APIs, and microservices that empower your operations. Our scalable data management and asset tracking come with integrations for all cloud repositories, storage, and warehouses.  You also get analytics and actionable insights for better visualization of AI results that are integrated with GIS, asset management, and work order management systems.
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Login, access,
and manage data via
secure portals.
Integrate AI plugins,
APIs, and microservices securely with existing platforms
prioritization and integrations.
Data-source agnostic
for visual data sources including drones, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and static cameras.

Collaborate and
Export with Ease

In the world of energy infrastructure, communication is key to making decisions quickly, accurately, and confidently. Inaccurate and outdated information can be costly and dangerous.
Inaccurate and outdated information can be costly and dangerous. PowerAI promotes seamless teamwork by allowing utility teams to collaborate effortlessly. 
Export inspection insights for internal reviews, stakeholder communications, and regulatory compliance. Share insights, compare strategies, and amplify the impact of collective insight. With transparent insights and comprehensive data, you’re equipped to make decisions that drive progress— all in one platform.
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Collaborate with utility teams and compare data across inspections
Export inspection insights and reports in customizable formats

PowerAI Provides Solutions

to Your Top Infrastructure Inspection Problems

We support our customers with both high-voltage
and low-voltage infrastructure inspections.
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