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Power T&D Inspection and
Monitoring Success Stories

New York Power Authority

The Challenges:

NYPA needed a more accurate, faster and proactive method of infrastructure inspection to identify anomalies and deliver reliable, low-cost, clean energy to customers with fewer outages. 

The Solutions:

Streamline the process of analyzing
drone-based visual inspection data
AI-powered software platform for data management, data analysis, anomaly detections, and analytics for power line and grid infrastructure inspections
“The proof-of-concept testing showed that using an artificial intelligence-based platform significantly reduced the time required for inspection and analysis. Asset images can be analyzed in hours or days rather than months and allow our maintenance groups to prioritize repairs and reduce the potential of failure. This collaboration allows NYPA to leverage new technology to meet its mission of providing reliable, low-cost and clean energy to customers.”

NYPA’s Director of Asset Intelligence Solutions


Precise Inspection for Your Infrastructure

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Substation Security Safety and
Condition Monitoring Success Stories

Southern California Utility


The Challenges:

Southern California Utility urgently needed a low-cost, low-maintenance, and highly efficient way to monitor their substations.

The Solutions:

Low-cost, low-maintenance AI
monitoring systems
24/7 monitoring for security, safety,
& equipment for substations
Near real-time alerts delivered
“Thanks Buzz Solutions team for pushing the innovation needle! This will assist in keeping our grid/substations more secure and with the ability to monitor our substation apparatus closely.”

Substation Maintenance Program Manager


Protection Everywhere You Need It

Power Substations

Power Generation

Up to 2,100 Hours saved
daily when the utility uses PowerGUARD to monitor substations remotely.
Up to $50M Annually saved
by reducing the total number of truck rolls and manual inspections.

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